Thursday, October 26, 2006

I am having one of those days today. Those kind of sucky ones. It's been mainly just small stuff going wrong, and most of it will bore you, but I did manage to get knocked in the head pretty hard, and now have a huge lump on my temple. I was getting some stuff out of my storage closet, and a big heavy box fell down and whacked me on the side of the head. I actually saw stars. I sat on the couch for a long time with ice on my head, but I still have a big old welt that I am hoping won't turn into a bruise. This is the kind of stuff that always happens to me. I am what you might call "accident prone". If there's a sharp corner on the coffee table, I'll walk right into it, and I've managed to stub all of my toes in so many creative ways. And last week Kane had to bandage me up from when I was holding Fizzie and he heard something that scared him, so I got the hell scratched out of me. That one actually left me with two new scars right across my chest. Yay me!
Money also has got me down too. So many things are coming up and I want to be able to have money to spend, but already my paycheck I am getting tomorrow is already spent on just bills. Love it.
I know things will get better soon, but I just feel so drained right now in more ways than one. I think I just need a nice long vacation(preferably paid for by someone else).
On a happier note, I sold another necklace on etsy, which was such a nice, welcome surprise. Also, another lady is paying me to make 6 bracelets and 6 necklaces for her, so that will help too. It's a lot of work but if it pays off then it might lead to more work.
Kane and I saw The Prestige on Monday. I really liked it, especially David Bowie. That man is just so awesome.

As is my guy, Christian Bale, who I've stuck by since the days of Newsies, and I just keep being more and more proud of. If only some other childhood crushes had evolved so well.

Christian Slater, I'm talking to you.

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Ms. Armsweat said...

Don't blame Christian Slater for all his troubles. Remember, he is afflicted by the...Curse of the Wolfman! It's hard to talk in wolf teeth.

WHY did we tape over that? Maybe, if you apply the logic behind the chaos theory, we set events in motion that day when we recorded over that precious episode of SNL. Two girls in the suburbs hit record, and 3,000 miles away Slater is hittin' his wife.