Friday, December 30, 2005

Here's some stuff I did/thought about today:
-At work today I drew a smiley face on one thumb and a frowny face on the other, and kept giving my friend Lauren the appropriate thumbs up sign, depending on whether the customer I was waiting on was an asshole or not.
-I really don't like that KD Lang song "Constant Craving". It popped in my head a little while ago, and I don't know how it really goes, just the part that goes "Coooooonstant craaaaaaaving...", and I keep thinking about it. KD Lang sucks anyhow, what's the difference?
-I hope the laundry I left outside to dry doesn't smell like my neighbor's cooking. Eww.
-Pepperidge Farm cookies. I was just thinking about them in general, and laughing at the names.
-It might rain tomorrow, and that would be really nice.
-Most of the jewelry I make to sell, then I end up loving it and then I get all greedy and want to keep it for myself. I need to make stuff that's stupid or ugly, then I won't give a shit if you wanna buy it or not.
-I really wish they still made Smurf cereal. I could really go for a big bowl of Smurfberry Crunch right about now.
-I spent about an hour with a customer today helping her pick out all this pretty stuff to make a necklace out of, and the bitch put it all back and bought a $3 pack of seed beads. What a bitch.
-I really want a new chair for my living room because my cats tore up the one that's in there now, and it looks stupid. I want a big fluffy recliner or something. Then I can sit in it and be like,"Hey, look at me, I'm reclining.". That'd be sweet.
-This blog is lame. what a horrible way to end 2005!
Happy New Year everyone!


Wednesday, December 28, 2005

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Fudgie wishes you all a very HAPPY NEW YEAR! He promises that if you guys want to come over he will keep your toes warm all year long. Cozy feets in 2006!
Have a safe and happy new year, every1!

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My cats have a very interesting brother-brother relationship. Fizzie is always sweet and loving to Riley, and follows him around and gives him kisses as often as he can. Riley hisses and swats at him, and just wants to be left alone in general. I feel bad for little Pig, he just wants to play with his brother. Fizzie is so sad when Riley doesn't want to play with him.

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Christmas was kick ass this year. Here's me, gnawing on a sweater that moms gave me. Purple tastes goooood.

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Here's Lisa and Greg, and she is totally psyched that I gave her a bunch of makeup from Sephora! Here she is holding Too Faced "The Cupcake" makeup pallette. Cuz my sister is an old-fashioned Cupcake. Sure!
I hope everyone had a great Christmas. And "BE SURE TO DRINK YOU OVALTINE". Ovaltine? A crummy commercial? Son of a bitch.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

I just had to post this photo of my friends Mike and Tracy's daughter Ella Grace. Isn't she the cutest thing ever? This picture makes me want to throw up from the cute. Ella + muffin top hat + startled look = adorable.
Tonight I've been baking chocolate chip cookies all night and listening to various muppet music. Muppets are so christmas-y!

Especially Muppet Christmas Carol, which I am majorly wanting to watch lately. I haven't seen it in a few years, and I love it (well, all of it except for the stupid "The Love Is Gone" song. Blah.). I just wish Kermit's voice didn't sound stupid in it. If it didn't, I'd definitely own that movie. Which isn't to say I still don't want it, cuz I do, but Jim Henson's son jsut doesn't cut it for me.
Anyway, I realized my new favorite channel is Turner Classic Movies. I keep putting it on, and every time I do I see something either completely bizzarre, or something cool, like King Kong or A Christmas Story. But my favorite thing about it is that there are no loud commercials. Noo huge announcer voices, or annoying jingles, and no Ty Pennington throwing cell phones at people. Go away, Ty Pennington!! I hate you.
Anyway, it makes me feel calmer, watching TCM. Plus they show old cartoons and shorts between movies, and they're so awesome. That's where I saw that dog football game thing last week that Lisa wrote about. I guess that's another reason I keep going back to TCM, I'm hoping that they'll show that Dog Football thing again, and I can tape it. It's just too awesome to describe.

It's kinda like this, only better.
Anyway, since I probably won't post before then, I hope everyone who reads this has a Merry Christmas! (And also a Happy Chanukkah, I don't wanna descriminate!) I hope everyone gets what they want, and everyone has someone to spend the holidays with. 'Cuz "even a plant with no uncle or aunt shouldn't spend Christmas day by himself..." . Sorry, that was a little Elmo & Patsy for you. Also, this is what they look like, apparently. Or at least circa 1988.

Now if you see them on the street you can kick their asses for "Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer". Jeez.
Merry Christmas, bitches!
Love, me.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Awwwwwww. Hermie the turtle just got some braces!

The poor little guy's jaw was growing in the wrong direction, so they got an orthodontist to fix 'im up. They even gave him Christmas colors, so the other turtles won't pick on him so bad at turtle school. Unless he happens to be jewish, then that's just plain mean. I bet Hermie wishes they gave him clear braces, like mine were. He probably feels like such a geek, now he'll NEVER come out of his shell! Ba-dum-bum!!!(Insert laugh track here.)

"American beauty Crystal Rawlins is desperate for a job and will do anything to become the nanny to Sheik Fariq Hassan's children. She is ecstatic when she secures the dream job and finds herself working in the luxurious palace in exotic El Zafir. And the little white lie she tells about her true physical appearance seems like a very small detail...but is it?

Fariq has been burned by a beautiful woman before and he does not trust them. Fortunately, the nanny he hires is far from stunning. She's positively mousy. But that doesn't prevent him from being captivated by her fiery spirit...and her passionate kisses. And she obviously shares his attraction, so why does she keep pulling away from him? And what secrets was she hiding beneath that bulky clothing and behind those glasses?"

I hope Santa doesn't bring me this book for Christmas. Or anything from the "Desert Brides" Collection, for that matter.
Let's see what an actual reader has to say....

"Sheik(h) Fariq Ibn What's-His-Name is a single father who hires Crystal What's-Her-Name as a nanny for his two small children. Since his ex-wife once done him wrong, Fariq has agreed with his father's plan to hire a very plain woman for the job. But Crystal, who desperately needs the job to help her ailing mother, is a home-town beauty queen. So she dons a disguise and gets the job. But Fariq falls for her inner beauty, even though he has the expected arrogant-male temper tantrum when he figures out her scheme . . .boring! Not a single noteworthy surprise here.
Except that both of Fariq's brothers are more interesting than he is.
For a better "in disguise" romance, see Day Leclaire's 'Who's Holding the Baby?'"

Just for the record, who IS holding the baby???

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Rest easy, citizens. Officer Trish is on the job.

Today at work I caught a shoplifter!!! Yeah, this lady totally put a bunch of crap in her bag, and I called her on it. She tried to act like,"Oh, I must have put this in my bag by mistake...", but she was totally stealing. I was like, "Bitch! Don't gimme none a dat trifle-ass bullshit!". Anyway, my bosses were so pleased with me they gave me a $100 bonus on the spot, as thanks for paying such close attention. I told them they really didn't have to, since the stuff the lady was stealing was only about $50, but they gave me the bonus anyway. I love my job.
The ironic thing is, this happens the day after I inadvertantly stole something from Ikea, a $2.99 pack of plastic jewels. They were in the bottom of my cart, and I didn't see them when I was putting my stuff up on the conveyer belt thing. Then when we got outside and we took our bags out of the cart I saw them. I felt guilty about it, but I figured to go back in for $2.99 when they were closing, it just wasn't worth it. But maybe today's events were to teach me a lesson! Thanks universe, lesson learned, and pockets lined.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Right now I'm listening to "For The Longest Time", Billy Joel. I haven't heard this song in such a long time, I forgot how much I love it. I mean, I haven't heard it....for the longest time! Gay!
I've been trying to think of creative presents to make for people for christmas, and all I keep coming up with is jewelry. How predictible is that? Hi, I work in a bead store, I have a jewelry website, here's some more jewelry from me. P.s., plan on getting the same damn thing from me every christmas and/or birthday. I did come up with something totally different for my sister, but seeing as how she reads this blog, I can't very well write what it is, but I hope it turns out how I see it in my head. If not, it's gonna suck so bad. I'll definitely have to throw it away.
Guys are particularly hard to make stuff for. I guess they just don't like the glitter and sparkle like us bitches do. I did make a necklace for my friend Buck for his b-day, it was a plain black letter cord, with sterling silver alphabet beads spelling out the word fuck. It didn't fit him though. Anyway, I sort of blew my wad on that one, so to speak, so now I got nuthin'.
Anyway, I still got time until christmas, right? Right. Now here's a picture of a boy preparing for his career.

Tuck in that shirt, David. No one wants to buy a value meal from a sloppy team member!
OH! One last thing, my cat has a blog. Fizzie wanted to share his thoughts with the world, so good luck trying to read it.