Tuesday, November 25, 2003

Well Thanksgiving is this Thursday. I don't know about you, but it's a weird holiday. When I was little it was pretty cool, because I got to watch the parade on tv, and eat all day. Come to think of it, why was the parade cool? Santa's at the end, sure, but that part was always sort of anti-climactic. I don't really know why watching marching bands from Anytown, USA and cheesy actors from crummy tv shows singing oldies while riding on a giant moving turkey held my young interest. Kids, huh? How about 'em?
Anyway, I'm ready to eat and spend my money at the Thanksgiving sales going on in every store in the world. And I am thankful for my family, my awesome boyfriend, cable tv, mashed potatoes, the cast of "Golden Girls", my gray puma sneakers, Sweettarts and the sound cats make when they chew dry food. Happy Thanksgiving, Suckas.

Monday, November 24, 2003

Well, well, well. Guess who's back? If you guessed Martha Washington, you are wrong.
It's me, Trish, back from a long hiatus from blogging. Not a voluntary hiatus, I feel compelled to mention. See what happened is this, I work in a small office of all women and one man. A while back I went on Man's computer and found lots and lots of porn. Porntastic. I should also mention I am the office manager, not just some nosy bitch. Anyway, I talked to Man, and told him I would not report it if he stopped doing it. At work at least. He agreed and life was peachy for a short while, until I found porn again. I went to my boss, who basically came to Man's defense (probably because she is one of those women who believe men are always right, and thou shalt never question Them.). I left it alone but last month one of the other girls in the office went onto his computer and was bombarded with images of vaginas and cumshots. Not surprised, was I. She screamed at my boss that she would not work with a pervert, and that she better do something NOW! So do something she did (why am I talking like Yoda, by the way?), my boss not only took away Man's internet, she also took everyone else's internet away, and everyone's phone priveleges. I am sooooo pissed because I don't smoke and I don't get my nails done, so therefore I don't get any breaks. I just have to sit there and work constantly. Poor me. Seriously it's very strenuous work I do, and without a few momentary sanity breaks to blog or read the news, it's very hard. My eyes and back hurt from being hunched over sorting little teeny tiny sapphires all day. Not only that, but I'm also our company's web designer, so just how the hell do I work on the website without the internet?? Grr. I can still email though, but only if my emails are deemed appropriate by the restrictions on my PC, so WOW. Thanks Stupid Boss. If anyone knows of a job for me, I would appreciate it. I am a really hard worker, and I'm smart and I know how to do lots of stuff, and I promise not to eat anything stinky for lunch!
So now I gots da internet at home and I'm gonna blog the shit out of...ummmm, this internet! YEAH!! Watch out World Wide Web Weenies!!