Thursday, December 07, 2006

I know, it hasn't been a month yet, but something very sweet happened to me today and I had to share it.
I mentioned yesterday that I've been really sick for the past week, and I had to miss a lot of work. There's a lot of regular customers, people who I've gotten to know very well, and there's one lady in particular who is just awesome. Her name is Maic, and she's a little old lady with a very heavy french accent, she's in her late 70's and she moves and talks at 100 miles an hour. She just learned how to make jewelry this year, and she's extremely enthusastic about it, but in a cute way. She always likes me to help her with her stuff, and exclaims to all my ideas,"OH TREEESH!! You are Zo Wonderfulllll!!". I even went to her house a couple of times to teach ehr some jewelry stuff, which I wouldn't do for any other customer. I totally love her.
Anyway, today was my first day back at work, and when I got there this morning, I found a little package lying on the counter.

And guess what was inside?? THIS!!!!----->

Sure it's two sizes too small, and I have to use my hands to hold it on my head, but isn't that the sweetest thing for her to do?! I know it's cheesy but I was so touched by it. It's like I have my own sweet little french grandma. I called her today to thank her, and she told me she'll be in tomorrow, and "Treeesh, you better be wearing zeee hat when I get zere!!! You must keep zee head warm. Ozzerwise you get seeecker!". It's pretty cool of her to care about me like that. Although now I gotta wear it, but still.....
Thank you, Maic. You are one of the most interesting and funny people I know.

You know, I think I should post some pictures of what's been happening in the past month. It's been a while since I posted a ton of pictures. Here goes!

Here's my sister, kind of drunk at her wedding reception, with a strip of bacon on her arm! Sweet!

My Diddy-daddums was here for the wedding, and we celebrated his birthday while he was here. I made him a big batch of birthday cupcakes!!!! MMMM!

Here we all are partying at Kristen and Ezzy's hotel room. There was a lot of drink involved here, but the night had to quiet down thanks to someone banging on the floor from below us. Ezzy said it was a super tall guy from Kenya, who was just lifting himself up on tippy-toes and knocking on the cieling with the top of his head. I think he was right!

I cooked my first turkey this thanksgiving! It's tradition for my family to take a picture of the holiday meal, but I forgot until after I had cut into that bitch. But here's my best attempt at my grandmother's "Well, here it is, the labor of my love. Now just go ahead and wolf it down and forget that I spent all day in the kitchen slaving away for this, but Happy Thanksgiving anyway" face.

And lastly, here's Piggy, playing Orange Juice Peekaboo on thanksgiving morning. He really looked amazed that I was on both sides of the carton!! Wow!!
Okay, that's it for now. Have a great night everybody, and just remember, even though you may not believe it, you probably mean a lot to someone that you don't even realize. Try not to be so much of a whore all the time.
Best of luck with that!

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Well hello everyone!
I guess it's time for my monthly in the blog, not the ewwwww. I'm sorry I never write. Maybe some of you check the page, and if so, thank you. I am still alive, although not by much at the moment. Why? Because I went and caught a bacterial infection in my throat (strep throat! YESS!) and my inner ear. I totally blame the fact that we haven't had heat for an entire week. This is also the week when Arizona decides to pose as a normal state and have actual cold weather in December for a change. Hmmmm, what better time for the gods to pull out the Trish voodoo doll and have at it! OK, I'm sorry for the self pity crap, but I am just so sick of stuff on top of stuff on top of other stuff going wrong. When's the good karma coming in that will make all of this crap worthwhile? I hope soon. I really want to win the lottery or something. You listening, karma??

Anyway, enough of all that noise. Christmas is coming!!!! YAY!!! I love me some christmas, and I've decided to take a relaxed, let's-just-drink-a-whole-bottle-of-wine-and-let-someone-else-worry-about-it approach to the holiday this year. Not that there will be much to worry about. But the bumps in the road that always end up there in spite of our best efforts, I will do my best to say fuck it, at least I don't have strep throat anymore!! I also have my christmas shopping done. That's right-DONE. I finished last night on the inter-web. Acutally I do still have to buy and mail something to my dad, but since I already know what that's gonna be, I am considering it DONE. Now I can sink into the old couch and enjoy the hell out of 25 Days Of Christmas. Which, by the way, I caught a REMARKABLY bad movie starring Kathy Ireland called "Once Upon A Christmas" last night. And tonight there's a sequel to it, the aptly-titled "TWICE Upon A Christmas". I hope they make it a trilogy, and the third one will be called "Thrice Upon a Christmas", because it would be nice to see the word thrice used somehow.
Sounds like a treat for awkward looking upper-class white couples everywhere.

Doesn't Kathy Ireland have the worst jaw ever? It's like a linebacker's jaw. She's very mannish, much like Lance Bass.