Wednesday, April 11, 2007

And the Goings On gets Goin' On...

Here's what's happening now in the life of me.

-My last day of work at Scottsdale Bead is this Friday. It's sad to say goodbye, but I got an offer I could not turn down. I'll be working in the office of the apartment complex that Kane and I are moving to, so aside from many other great resons to work for them, I also get a nice rent discount and I have no commute to work! So awesome!! Plus I no longer have to see the woman who has put constant effort into making me miserable and picking on me for almost two years. Biggest plus of all!
I can't wait to start, everyone there seems so nice. I really will miss my current bosses though, they really were there for me through a lot of rough times.

-I made jewelry for Naynayfazz's bridesmaids! I didn't want to put up any pictures till she got them, but here they are! I'm so glad you like them Miss NayNay!!

-Kane and I have been debating which would be worse: Having Corey Haim mouth or having Corey Feldman mouth?

Feel free to vote in the comments. I say Haim mouth would be the worst, since you could never close it and it looks swollen all the time.
However, Feldman mouth is all tight and there's not much lip there. You'd probably have to use your index finger to push food in there.
There's also the topic of what would happen in the even that you have to vomit. Would it slowly just kind of drip out quietly(Haim) or would it be forced out in a spray, like when you put your finger over the spout on the faucet(Feldman)?
I don't know, it's a tough question.

-I was shocked at the finale of I Love New York. She actually picked Tango the Ninja Turtle over Chance? Don't get me wrong, I didn't like either of them, I don't even like her, but Chance was clearly the better match. They were so much alike. Tango is a big boring idiot. My opinion.

-I made yummy chocolate and buttercream cupcakes and brought them over to Lisa and Greg's for Easter.

I think they came out rather pretty, but I am especially proud of the box I made to carry them over in!

Anyway, it's bed tyme. I'll write again soon I swear it.


Matthew said...

Yay, Trish! I'm happy that you've found a new job away from psycho people. I've always wondered what working at an apartment complex would be like (ie, I assume you get to see some awesome crazy shit) and now I will get to live vicariously through you!

Naynayfazz said...

Yay! I am mentioned on here and the jewelry too. That is awesome. Thank you so much. You are so talented. MUAH MUAH MUAH! Lots of happy kisses to you. Without tongue, of course. ;)

Naynayfazz said...

And congrats on the new job too. We all have new jobs! Rent discounts are always a plus!!

Corey Feldman has the worst mouth. That's my vote. Lisa, what do you think?

Cruel Shoes said...

My first instinct was to say Feldman mouth was the worst since it's so tight and turtle-like (he's just missing that little beak)...but I'm going with Haim. That lip means when he eats mashed potatoes they probably fall out and on his shirt. And the wind could catch it and send spittle flying. Or it could get caught on a revolving door. You can't just have something hanging out there like that all the live long day; t'ain't right!

Also, mix up the letters in HAIM and you get "I HAM." Yeah, see?

lengli said...

Along the lines of Brat Packers, I say an Andrew McCarthy mouth is equally as bad. Have you seen the size of that thing when he does that stupid "I'm thinking" face in "Pretty in Pink"? It's barely as large around as a shiny new penny! A tarnished vintage penny, maybe, but come on!

On a side note, I almost wrote "Pretty in Pink: and got to wondering what could possibly follow that comma in the potential sequel. "Pretty in Pink: The Prom Dress's Revenge"? "Pretty in Pink: Blaine Catches a Small-Mouthed Bass and Hilarity Ensues"? You tell me!

Cruel Shoes said...

Hey, I tagged you for a "meme" thing, dickslap. Go read my blog to see what it's all about.

Kerri said...

I shudder with fear (and laughter) every time I see "New York." She's, um, something else.

Your cupcakes look delightful. : )